Black Cherry Tomatoes | First Crop

Today I’ve had my first major crop from the black cherry tomato plants – I grew two plants from seed after buying the seeds for 1 penny last year! I didn’t really think ahead to their support and how tall they got so they have been flopping all over the place while precariously tied onto canes, but it doesn’t seem to have inhibited the fruit development.

The fruit are a beautiful colour – in the sunshine and when growing they look a a sort of “unripened red”, but then once you get them into the kitchen they are a deep black colour, really beautiful, like wee jewels!

I am surprised how well these grew, considering I knew nothing about tomato plants when I planted the seeds. Weirdly, they didn’t seem able to hold the weight of their own fruit and overnight, three branches snapped and bent under the weight of the tomatoes. However, with a bit of string, bendy wire and extra canes I managed to prop them up and the tomatoes have gone on to ripen on the vine.

I’d love to try some other unusual tomato plants next year – I already have some F1 Sungold seeds to try which, I guess from the name, are a golden yellow tomato? But this year I can enjoy the jet black cherry tomatoes – gorgeous!

The seeds were £0.01 last year from Seed Parade in their sale, but have gone up to the “normal” price of £0.39 for a hundred seeds! Try them out if you fancy something different:

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