The Stripey Summer Hoodie

Recently I wrote an article about my trip to Paris, and the fabrics I bought there. I wanted to do a separate post all about the construction of a hoodie that I made with some of the striped jersey I brought back with me. The fabric is nice and light, so I thought it would make a perfect summertime garment.

I fell in love with these different striped jerseys: a lime green with grey, hot pink with grey and the final one is a metallic dark grey stripe.

I played around with the fabrics for a while before deciding I would do the front in the lime, back in the pink and the sleeves in the shiny grey. I did take some time to match the stripes before cutting, to make sure they ran horizontally and would give me even looking hems.

I re-used an old pattern that I have worked with before, and mixed up the sleeve/hood combinations because I wanted the full length sleeve with the hoodie.

The construction was quite simple as there were not many pieces. A front and back, each cut on the fold, sewn together at the side seams. The two single-piece raglan sleeves were then sewn to the front/back and finally a two piece hood attached to the neckline.

I don’t have an overlocker, so was using a stretch stitch that I really like on my sewing machine. It uses a fair amount of thread but means you get an almost overlocked looking finish. After sewing each seam, I would trim back to the stitching and press.

I used ballpoint needles throughout since I was using jersey – including my twin needle to finish off the hem and sleeves. I think I should have used a fresh needle for my topstitching as there were a few skipped stitches here and there, but that’s life! 😀

I’m really happy with how it came out. It’s a nice casual hoodie, and very light for the summer. I love it with my faded denim jacket, but when I’m feeling particularly green, goes well with my dyed leather jacket too.

So anyone else into stripes at the moment? And what do you think I should make with the rest of my striped fabric?

Read the story of my trip to Paris (when I bought the fabric).

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